Weekly Career Lectures by TOP Career Authors from Around the World!

The Career Speaker Series will introduce you to career authors who will share tips, skills, and strategies to help you explore new career opportunities, look for a job, adopt soft skills that will help you advance your career, and even prepare you for your retirement years.

Each week, we will introduce you to a different career author who is an expert in their field.  Attend the presentations that support your current career transition.  If you miss a scheduled event, you can watch the recording anytime.

Which career lecture series fits your current employment/career situation?
I'm out of work or looking for a new job.
The CareerSearch lecture series will introduce you to the world's top career authors who will share tips and strategies on resumes, cover letters, branding, LinkedIn, and the job search process. It is held the first Wednesday of each month!
I'm looking for a career change.
The CareerDiscussions lecture series will introduce you to authors who will provide strategies to handle difficult people, change careers, negotiate salaries, and get promoted!  It is held the second Wednesday of each month!
I need to improve my soft skills.
The CareerSkills lecture series will showcase authors who are experts in leadership, teamwork, networking, communications, problem solving, and critical thinking.  It is held the third Wednesday of each month!
I'm getting ready to retire.
Retirement sneaks up on you fast!  The CareerEncores lectures will showcase authors who will share things you should be thinking about prior to, and as you enter your retirement years.  It is held the fourth Wednesday of each month.

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2020-2021 Career Lecture Series
October through June
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Get Hired Guarantee:  Yesterday's Job Search Won't Find Today's Dream Job
February 3rd,  8-9 pm EDT
CareerSearch Series

Ben Davidson

Ben Davidson's book is based on years of experience!  Ben meticulously lays out proven strategies that are designed to help you not only get the job you want, but get it faster!

While there are fundamental skills and strategies necessary to land a job, Ben will outline time tested and proven steps and concepts you could adopt that will reduce the stress, while giving you more confidence in interviews.

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PIVOT! The Art and Science of Reinventing Your Career and Life
February 10th,  8-9 pm EDT
CareerDiscussions Series

Your career and life will go through many transitions. 

Are you prepared for them?

You need a career plan to follow so you know which way to turn when you hit emotional, physical or career issues.

You will learn how to listen to your instincts and gut -- when either is telling you it's time to make a change - to pivot.

Adam will give you insights on how you can implement a 360 degree decision framework for ideas, challenges and opportunities.

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Be Bad First: Get Good at Things FAST to Stay Ready for the Future
February 17th, 8-9 pm EDT
CareerSkills Series

Erika Anderson

In the early days of the internet entrepreneurs and consultants adopted the phrase, Ready, Fire, Aim!

The idea was to set aside caution and go for it.  The internet was a new phenomena with no rules, no dogma set in stone, and it was fundamentally changing the way organizations did business.

Erika is going to get you thinking the same way.  It's time for you to take chances and move you and your organization off a plateau so you can become the leader you need to be.

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Your Complete Guide to a Successful and Secure Retirement
February 24th,  8-9 pm EDT
CareerEncores Series

Mary has done it all!

A single mother, private pilot and top wealth management expert.  Mary will share tips and strategies that will give you more confidence in making the tough decisions you need to make as you prepare for and transition into your retirement years.

You will take away investment ideas, personal planning strategies, and gain insights into what conversations you need to have with your family and significant other to prepare for retirement.

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Job Search GPS: Navigating Your Job Search With a Killer Resume
March 3rd, 8-9 pm EDT
CareerSearch Series

Even though LinkedIn, Facebook, and other online tools have offered employers a chance to learn more about you, your resume is still the fundamental job search tool.

The entire job search process is built around resumes.  After you respond to a job opportunity by uploading your resume Applicant Tracking Systems will scan your resume for key words to see if your resume should go on the short list.

Pat will share with you relevant and timely resume strategies that will not only get your resume notice on ATS systems but grab the attention of hiring managers who traditionally only spend 6 seconds scanning your resume.

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Suck it Up or Go Home!  A True Story About Courage to Stand Up, Keep Going and Never Give In!
March 10th,  8-9 pm EDT
CareerSkills Series

Sure life is tough.   Some of us have it tougher than others.

Simon will share with you a story that will remind you how MUCH you have going for you, despite the difficulties you are facing.  You will gain insights on how to leverage pain, turmoil, crisis, and issues and come out stronger on the other side.

Simon will remind you that you have what it takes to make it through difficult times and at the same time be there for others.

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Storytelling Strategies to Build Your Brand
March 17th,  8-9 pm EST
CareerSkills Series

If you are nearing or already in your retirement years, you need to participate in this meeting.  

Marilyn will share first hand stories on how she has had to learn how to stop out of her comfort zone in order to experience the full job and opportunities of her retirement years.

You will learn the importance of "just showing up" and how that simple act will introduce you to events, people, and issues that will enrich your life.

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Downsizing the Family Home: What to Save and What to Let Go
March 24th,  8-9 pm EST
CareerEncores Series

Imagine having to move out of a home you've lived in for 20, 30, or 40 years.   You will have undoubtably accumulated a huge amount of "stuff".  Books, CD's records, photographs, nick nacks, junk in the basement, attic, and garage.  It's bound to be a LOT of stuff.  

Marni provides a humorous look at how you can approach this point in your life and offers suggestions that you start cutting into this collection immediately.  Your goal should be to begin to thin down your "stuff" at least 3-5 years before you retire so you are not burdened with the emotional and physical responsibilities as you age.

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